Untangling ETFs

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The 2008 global financial crisis brought about an inflection point in the way people view investment management. Many investors looked at the widespread collapse of markets and felt a heightened need for more straightforward products that explained exactly what they would do, and then did it. That meant more money began seeking the benefits of exchange traded funds, or ETFs.

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1nvest The Tracker Q1 2023

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The latest FTSE/JSE Africa Index Series rebalance became effective on 20 March 2022, where index trackers rebalanced their portfolios
during the closing auction of 17 March 2022. Index rebalancing turnovers were mostly higher than Q4 2022’s turnovers across all FTSE/
JSE indices.

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1nvest 2022 in Review

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It is with great eagerness that 1nvest welcomes a new year buzzing with opportunities, we are also proud to share with you the 2022 1nvest fund investment outcomes based on various indices that we track.

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