1nvest Turns Three

1vnvest Oct 2022 banner

October is our birthday month and we’re excited to have turned three! 1nvest launched in October 2019, and we have continued to grow especially over the last year which has been particularly significant as we reached a number of milestones.
Please join us in celebrating this occasion and our successes! We’re very excited about what lies ahead, and we look forward to continuing to bring South African investors leading index tracking products. Learn more about 1nvest’s award-winning range of Unit Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) here: www.1nvest.co.za

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1nvest The Tracker Q3 October 2022

1nvest Newsletter

The latest FTSE/JSE Africa Index Series rebalance became effective on 19 September 2022, where index trackers rebalanced their
portfolios during the closing auction of 16 September 2022. Index rebalancing turnovers were mostly lower than Q2 2022’s turnovers
across all FTSE/JSE indices.

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1nvest to list all 16 ETFs on A2X

A2X Markets

1nvest’s leading extensive range of local and global exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been approved for a secondary listing on A2X Markets. These ETFs will retain their primary listings on the JSE and will be available for trade on A2X from 4 October 2022.

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