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What you need to consider to build the right investment strategy for you.

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investing with 1nvest

At 1nvest, we provide easy investment access to local and international index tracking funds.

An index fund simply consists of a portfolio of shares or other securities bought in the same proportion as a specific index, replicating its performance exactly.

The fund can be structured as either an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) or as a Unit Trust (Mutual Fund).

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what are exchange traded funds (ETFs)?

An exchange traded fund or ETF, tracks or mimics an index, it holds the same instruments as the underlying index. It gives easy access to selecting a diverse range of investments in bonds and commodities and markets – both locally and globally – it’s simple.

ETFs are traded on the JSE, so you can buy and sell during the day. Usually, an ETF tracks a benchmark. This means that the ETF will aim to match the returns of a benchmark, like the Top40 or S&P 500.

Advantages of ETFs

  • Quick exposure: You may want to gain exposure across multiple asset classes, sectors and geolocations without too much investment knowledge. ETFs can give you easy exposure across market segments.
  • Affordable access to investing: ETFs offer transparent structure and fees, and lower fund administrative costs.

Easy to trade: ETFs are traded on the exchange during the day, giving you more flexibility to invest.

index tracking unit trusts

what are index tracking unit trusts?

A unit trust fund is a ready-made investment portfolio which is split into units that an investor buys when investing in a unit fund.

Our index tracking unit trust funds track an index, like an ETF, but the key difference is that the dealing is only done once a day, which means if you sell during the day you will only sell at the price at the end of the day.

Advantages of investing in an Index Tracking Unit Trust:

  • Access to investments: With unit trusts, your resources are pooled with other investors, enabling you to access funds and investments you otherwise may not be able to access on your own.
  • Easy diversification: Unit trusts are made up of a broad range of assets, making it easier for you to diversify your investments.

Invest smaller amounts: You can invest a small monthly amount each month or start with a lump sum to get you going quickly.

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tax free investments

what are tax free investments

Tax-free investment accounts (tfia) are aimed at encouraging you to invest and save more for your future. A tax-free investment account is the perfect long-term investment solution that gives you both the benefit of not having to pay any tax on interest, dividends or capital gains, but also gives you savings compounded over time.

When you invest in 1nvest’s ETFs or Unit Trusts, you can also open a Tax-Free Savings Account investment.

Advantages of tax-free investments

  • Pay no taxes: With a TFSA, you won’t pay tax on any interest, capital gains and dividends you earn.
  • Contribute when you want: You can choose whether you would like to contribute monthly or a lump sum amount.
  • Investment flexibility: With a TFSA, you can invest across asset classes without any regulatory limitations.

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