Fund Focus: A beginner’s guide to investing in Gold

Throughout history, gold has been a fascinating asset. Bring it up at a braai, and you’re sure to spark a heated debate. The “gold bugs” will hail it as a safe haven, and there is sure to be at least one critic who reminds you that it pays no dividends. You’re also likely to hear that gold has historically been difficult and expensive to hold – even dangerous!

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Rebalanced quarterly: A practical explanation

1nvest rebalancing

We often talk about exchange traded funds (ETFs) as being hugely versatile investment tools – very good for diversifying your investing in all sorts of different asset classes. They are. But they are also extremely well suited to gaining investment exposure to particular assets that are traditionally difficult to get access to. Platinum is one of those assets.

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Index investing: Simple, but not all the same

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Occasionally we hear people discussing index tracking as if it is a vanilla approach to investing. There seems to be an assumption in some circles that because we often describe exchange traded funds as “simple”, that means they are easy or boring.

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Fund Focus: Tech Feeder ETF

1nvest AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed from the “next big thing” to “today’s big thing”. Rarely do we get through a day without being bombarded with AI’s latest application or opinions on where it will go next. And for good reason. It is a powerful technology that has the potential to impact every aspect of our lives. Investing is no exception.

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1nvest The Tracker Q2 July 2023

1nvest Newsletter

The latest FTSE/JSE Africa Index Series rebalance became effective on 20 June 2022, where index trackers rebalanced their portfolios during the closing auction of 15 June 2022. Index rebalancing turnovers were mostly higher than Q1 2023’s turnovers across all the FTSE/JSE All Share series indices.

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Unpacking precious group metals (PGMs) with etfSA

1nvest Investments for beginners

The gold mining industry represents a large part of the development of the South African economy. The JSE itself was established in 1887 during the first South African gold rush. As the largest producer of platinum and second largest producer of palladium in the world, platinum group metals (PGMs) are deserving of attention. Fortunately for ETF investors, there is easy and efficient access to PGMs available on the JSE.
1nvest Executive Director, Johann Erasmus, recently joined Nerina Visser, Director, ETF Strategist and Financial Advisor at etfSA on the latest episode of the etfSA #ETFInvestor podcast alongside Micheal Mgwaba, Head of ETP at Absa CIB to delve deeper into what is driving the demand for precious metals.
Watch the in-depth discussion to learn more.

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